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OUR STORY.I went straightaway into business with all of the Php.500 that I had. I only use small pots to cook batches of sweetened Calamansi extract at the back of our house.I was just giving free samples to my relatives, friends and neighbors. So that they can refer my product to their friends and get more customers.

Luckily, I receive an order for 1,000 liters of sweetened Calamansi extract. From our Governor, because he wanted to give it as gifts for his friends in the Province and Manila. And that was the great start to expand my business.


All  things were going great, when the town of Guiuan, Eastern Samar was hit by the super typhoon Yolanda. And everything I had built for the past four years was swept away on the day of November 8, 2013. Our equipment and production area were all gone. But that tragedy doesn’t let me give up for putting back my business again. I took out special term loan to bring back my business.


With the assistance of DTI, (Department of Trade and Industry) and other civic Organizations, my business was able to avail the Enterprise Rehabilitation Facility for Yolanda affected micro, small, and medium Enterprises.

Before putting up my Calamansi business again, I attended multiple seminars provided by DTI. From starting a business to product development and packaging. DTI also invited me to sponsored trade fair shows, including the 2015 BAHANDI REGIONAL TRADE FAIR in Manila. Where I topped the processed food category with book orders worth 2.5 million.

Now, I already have employees and equipment that make the production easier.The farmers whom we get our Calamansi from, tell us of their children finishing their studies.And being able to buy their needs it’s very fulfilling.

With the social impact of my business. It continues to contribute to the economic recovery of Homonhon Island, the town of Guiuan, Eastern Samar and the rest of the Province.

With the right mind-set, I proved that no matter how many times you encounter problems in life, and no matter how many times you fall there’s no other way but to stand up again.